Combine Full-Stack Engineering and Software Design Experience to become a Product Manager.



San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer – 2019–2020

  • Full-Stack Engineer on Platform UX team, contributed to component system on React + GQL + Go IOT fleet management platform.
  • Worked with PM, Eng, and Support stakeholders across multiple products to replace DateTime Picker & Report Layout.
  • Performed on-call engineering rotations.

TreeRing Yearbooks

San Mateo, CA

Software Engineer – 2018–2019

  • Full-Stack Engineer on graphic design & e-commerce webapp, written in Angular + PHP + SQL.
  • Implemented WYSIWYG editor's object distribution, alignment, and snapping behavior.
  • Overhauled Purchase and User Management flows to be responsive.
  • Rewrote jQuery + AJAX system console as Angular SPA with new PHP endpoints.

Moment Design

New York, NY

Design and Developer Intern – Summer 2015

  • Created smart car console and mobile app concept. Conducted user interviews, generated wireframes and user stories, and created product showcase website.
  • Refined company-wide filesystem search. Created Bootstrap + Flask client and Slack integration to interface with Java indexing engine.

University of California Santa Barbara

B.S. Computer Science – 2013–2017

  • Senior Capstone Project Won Best Capstone Project at annual CS Summit. Created VoIP voice authentication product with Agile student team, under mentorship from Invoca. Designed and implemented React front-end, and produced product video and poster.
  • Study Abroad Spanish Immersion in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


  • Computer Languages TypeScript, JavaScript, GQL, SQL, Go, PHP, Python
  • Development Tools React, Redux, Angular, Git, Node, Datadog, MongoDB
  • Creative Software Affinity Designer, Ableton Live, Procreate, Final Cut Pro
  • Human Languages English, French, Spanish, Turkish


Useful Anime Review Creating Angular SPA anime review site, with self-made CMS.